Escape Room
Meridian, Idaho

What to Expect

We are committed to providing an original escape room experience that will challenge and entertain you, your coworkers, friends and family. Before your game, we will review the rules and answer any questions you may have. You will be immersed in virtual reality worlds and experience many extraordinary environments. You will need to find clues and solve the challenging puzzles to escape before your time runs out!

Each escape room has its’ own theme and has a unique story line that engages the players through their environment. Imagine yourself as a part of an offbeat game that challenges your strength and team spirit, tests your wits, and immerses you in the extremely realistic atmosphere. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Get into the most exciting and challenging VR Escape Rooms and discover interactive and adventurous scenarios. Our games have something for everyone, so people who are into complex puzzles, experts in cutting-edge technologies, or just fans of escape room games will have a great time.Come and experience the biggest library of escape rooms in Boise, Meridian and Nampa, ID.


VR Escape Games feature various game-based experiences improved by virtual reality technology. Players should find their way out by solving diverse puzzles and unraveling versatile mysteries.

VR Escape Games go beyond typical live escape rooms as VR technology expands human capabilities, allowing players to fully immerse in a game and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere.

Every game has its unique plot that develops according to the actions of a line-up.

Room Capacity

  • Largest Capacity: we are the largest Virtual Reality Game room company in the Idaho. Maximum capacity of 40 participants and 8 players at the time.
  • Escape Room Team Building: Our escape rooms are fun but they require additional skills to escape. You will use skills of concentration, lots of verbal communication, critical thinking, listening, organization, composure and time management.
  • Private Events: we will help you create outings to remember. Need food and drink options? We work with 3 local restaurants to cater your food needs. These events are not open to the public to book, so you’ll be sure to have the place to yourself!

Great fun for date nights, birthday parties, and team building exercises!

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Our Escape Room Games

Player | 2-6
Time | 60 MIN
Difficulty | Normal


Player | 2-6
Time | 60 MIN
Difficulty | Hard


Player | 2-6
Time | 60 MIN
Difficulty | Hard


Player | 2-6
Time | 60 MIN
Difficulty | Easy