Team Building - What to Expect
VR Tech Lounge Meridian, ID

We’ve seen first-hand, that the most memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like another day at the office. Ditch the activities that are rigid and give your team practical takeaways, while simultaneously having fun, at VR Tech Lounge. Sharing an experience or working on a problem that is not your everyday office problem, allows team connections to happen far more successfully.

Virtual Reality hardware and software provides another level of depth to your team building activities. We have a unique set of tools that can help your team be more successful in day-to-day operations. This can be accomplished by improving communication skills and developing an in-depth approach to efficient problem solving. With series of fun scenarios, we can help support your desire to communicate more effectively and understand how each person on your team gives or receives information.

All programs are offered at our location in Meridian, however, we do offer for some of our programs to be conducted at your location for convenience!

Food and drink options are available. We work with 3 local restaurants to offer you the best food and the most value for your money.

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Bring Virtual Reality to Your Office! – In-House Installation for $49.99

Employee Appreciation

Our most popular Team Building activity is “Employee Appreciation”. It is for the teams that are generally under a lot of pressure, stress, or just need to let some steam out.

We teach you how to use the equipment and we set you up with one of the group games. We specialize in team games that you will play with your team members. You will be able to see, touch and communicate with your teammates, who will be in the game with you. If you do not like what you are playing, you may change it to another game. We have over 20 group games that you may choose from and over 700 single player games!

  • Allow teams to release negative energy through virtual reality experiences
  • Improve communication skills to accomplish common goals
  • Fosters positive competition between team members

Size of Group:

  • Maximum 24
  • 8 team members in each group
  • Up to 3 groups per party

Materials Required:

  • Virtual Reality Gaming Simulation

Program Time required will wary based on team size:

  • Basic – 1 Hour
  • Standard – 2 Hours
  • Advanced – 3 Hours


The Team Building “Communication” module helps promote healthy communication within a team.
Please note that this team building active is NOT for everyone. This is not a conflict resolution exercise.

The Team Building “Communication” module will improve communication methods for you and your team. It will help you get to an actual problem much more quickly, but will not resolve any underlying issues.

To help participants understand

  • How team members receive information
  • How they processes and interpret same information

To evaluation and consider different communication methods

  • How others team members receive information

Size of Group:
Maximum 24

  • From 4-8 team members in each group
  • Multiple groups can be run at the same time for larger teams
  • Max 4 groups at the time.

Materials Required:

  • A Team Member Self-Evaluation Sheet
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Virtual Reality Simulation

Program Time required will wary based on team size:

  • Basic – 2 Hours
  • Standard – 3 Hours
  • Advanced – 4 Hours

Problem Solving

The Team Building “Problem Solving Methods” module helps the team evaluate the way they manage problems and seeks ways through simulations and discussion on how they can be improved.

This Team Building exercise uses conflict resolution chart that plots “concern for self” against “concern for others”. While this chart may not explain everything, it serves as a good bridge for open discussion in a conflict situation.


  • To have each participant understand his/her own conflict resolution style
  • To help participants understand the team’s problem solving level
  • To aid the team in improving its problem solving approach

Size of Group:
Maximum 16

  • From 6-8 team members in each group
  • Max 2 groups at the time

Materials Required:

  • Virtual Reality Problem Solving Simulation
  • A Problem Solving Methods Sheet for each participant
  • Debriefing Note Sheet
  • Pens

Program Time required will wary based on team size:

  • Standard – 3 Hours
  • Advanced – 4 Hours